A powerful business to business customer relationship management system

Driven by a passion for customer relationship management, Synergy are dedicated to providing software that supports the individual

Customer relationships are the life blood of your business as are the tools to effectively manage these relationships. Maintaining sound relations with external contacts is vital for any company. SuperOffice business to business CRM forges seamless and tight-knit links to your customer-oriented business processes, between your people and your company’s customers, prospects and suppliers.

With over 12 years’ history in the CRM market, Synergy Technology is now one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK. Driven by a passion for customer relationship management, Synergy Technology is dedicated to providing software that supports the individual user to achieve stronger sales, marketing and customer service productivity.

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What is SuperOffice CRM?

SuperOffice CRM is an extremely powerful, yet user-friendly and simple to understand CRM tool that is designed to give you a full view of your customer contacts and supports all your important sales and marketing business processes. It allows you to easily track all of your interactions, giving you a comprehensive overview of all the information you need to effectively manage your customer relationships – no matter who has previously dealt with a company or contact.

Suitable for business to business SMEs, SuperOffice contains all the functionality you need to collaborate your workforce. The central contact database stores all your valuable customer information, such as contact information, purchase information, opportunities and customer support needs, all in one place. It is easy to use, easy to update and easy to manage and gives anyone in your company a 360° view of your customer – from sales to marketing to customer service.

Fully integrated with all Microsoft Office applications, SuperOffice CRM makes everyday tasks such as writing, storing, sending, finding and sharing information throughout your organisation as quick and simple as possible. With On-premise, Online (cloud) and Pocket CRM for tablets and mobile phones, the SuperOffice range has a solution for everyone.

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Expand your SuperOffice experience with add-ons

SuperOffice offers a range of standard add-on products to enrich your CRM solution and support even more advanced CRM processes. These add-on products include a solution for Mobile CRM, eMarketing, quote management, a dashboard tool, and more.

Dashboards »

The insights you need to make better decisions. SuperOffice Dashboards will improve sales efficiency and secure revenue.

Quote Management »

Easier, faster and more accurate quotes. From approved quote to finished order in one click.

eMarketeer »

More marketing muscle with less effort. Manage all your emarketing tasks with ONE tool

Pocket CRM »

Working beautifully on your tablet or smart phone, Pocket CRM is your complete database on your mobile device.

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